Hola Menorca !

Day 1:

Even before we landed in sunny Menorca Georges had taken pictures of beaches from the airplane in the hope that we would actually find them – that’s how excited we were! πŸ™‚


Straight off the plane we took a taxi to our Air BnB in Es Castell and looked for the Tiki Bar we were supposed to pick up the keys from. Instead we found a supermarket that wafted the smell of freshly baked baguettes and turns out we were in the right place for the keys (?!). Of course that also meant that we had to buy some of that heavenly bread, some spicy chorizo and loads of quesso !

Settled into our amazing 3 bed overlooking the water (only KP could actually get through the front door – the lock I mean πŸ˜‰ ) we played despacito on repeat while we ate all our yummy goodies and then headed out to Platja de Punta Prima via Mahon. We missed every connecting bus – but this just gave us time to check out Mahon, get some gelato and take a million pictures of the bus timetables.


Punta Prima was BEAUTIFUL, but FREEZING. Georges, T and I decided we were not going to be deterred by a little cold water on our beach vacay and so ran straight in. In all fairness once our bodies were sufficiently numb we had an amazing time swimming around, after all we had the entire sea to ourselves πŸ˜‰ While we lazed in the 27 degree sunshine we were bound to get hungry, so T and I went in search of the nearby supermarkets dressed either like we were extremely comfortable locals or like the silly tourists we were – in bikinis and sunglasses – no additional clothing or footwear seemed necessary! πŸ™‚

True to form we missed the bus again on the way back, but this time Georges pulled out her Nutbush dancing shoes and before long we were all (by that I mean me) dancing along to Nutbush City Limits by Tina Turner !

Dinner time meant checking out the super pretty Cales Fonts peppered with a string of bars and restaurants on the waterfront and the discovery of a white Sangria with Cava of course followed by gambas, chorizo and lots more tapas !


Day 2:

This whole waiting for busses thing really worked quite well in hindsight. Waiting for the bus to Binibeca from Mahon we found Panaderia Pons, the cutest little bakery with massive Ensaimadas, Napolitanas (pain au chocolate but double the size) and lots of other yummies that I ate too quickly to take note of their names.


Binibeca was stunning, and this time we fully anticipated the freezing water. What we did not expect, was our new bestie – the Jellyfish! As usual Georges, T and I decided to brave our new adversary – my logic being that they were only near the sea weed, as soon as we were in the open waters it would be clear – WRONG. Having negotiated the icy water and climbed on to a coral covered rock garden, we soon realised that we were surrounded by Jellyfish. Georges then thought it would be a good time to tell us how Box Jellyfish in Aus use their long tentacle things to cut off your blood circulation and kill you slowly – oh wait, these were exactly the same ! Thanks Georges :/


KP meanwhile was working on her tan and fast asleep on the beach (an inevitable outcome when KP is left stationary for more than 30sec ). We decided to join her and spent the rest of the afternoon chilling on the beach and letting everyone think we were Spanish guapas with our dark hair and (apparent) beach bods πŸ˜‰ (Yayy!!!)


By late afternoon we made our way back to Es Castell and snuck into the hotel next door to use their pool. Super excited by the sight of water I jumped straight in only to be out fairly quickly to nurse my hypothermia – evidently my ability to swim in cold waters is restricted to the ocean. Not to worry, we spent the rest of the afternoon between the jacuzzi and sunning ourselves by the pool B-)

For the evening we got all dressed up and headed for the restaurants at Cales Fonts where we stuffed our faces with Paella at Dinkums. T made a sneaky mention to them of my birthday and we ended up with a massive candelabra, about 10 desserts and half the restaurant singing me happy birthday ! ! Happy 26 to me πŸ™‚


Day 3:

Up bright and early we were on a mission to find the caves at Cova d’en Xoroi. We took a bus to the middle of nowhere and then walked 3.5km down to the water. A nice man on his morning jog told us that although the popular caves are on the left, we should climb the rocks on the right – and sure enough this got us standing in front of the most spectacular view of the ocean we could have imagined. Tempted by the million shades of blue, we pushed Georges in as a test case and jumped straight in after her. Best feeling ever!


Once we had had our fill of swimming about, (notice how the temperature was no longer an issue – we were practically locals πŸ˜‰ ), we lazed on the rocks eating the Ensaimadas from the breakfast bakery in Mahon and drinking ocean chilled Cava that was a birthday present from Dinkums the night before. The best part was that there was practically no one else there, it was all ours πŸ™‚

…. And then came the jellyfish, in tens at a time! This time however we were chilling on the rocks and could laugh about how amazing the timing of our swim had been.

Our long walk back to the bus stop was turning out to be longer than we remembered, so we put on some NSYNC and ‘Bye-Bye-Byed’ our way back – dance moves and all. Lots of 90’s karaoke and a couple goofy bus stop boomerangs later we were on our bus back to Mahon. KP also managed to buy a full wardrobe in Mahon before we got back to Es Castell – efficiency on a whole other level πŸ˜‰

A quick pack and we (reluctantly) handed the keys back to Carlos, found the infamous Tiki bar and took a taxi to the airport. The best bit of that plane ride had to be when T looked over just as the crew were making their final checks and said “its not too late guys, we can still get off !” πŸ˜›

… and that was our little weekend in paradise. Muchas Gracias Menorca !



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