The Wedding Cake!

There are Cakes and then there are Wedding Cakes! Although they might seem quite the same to the untrained eye, there’s a world of a difference into what goes into creating this work of art. After the months of careful planning and thought that go into putting together this magical day, this cake has to be perfect. So when my dear mentor asked if I would bake the sponges on her Wedding Cake it took me a couple weeks to realize she wasn’t actually joking!

Meet the Bride: Far from Bridezilla, Angela was perhaps the most composed and organised bride I’ve ever seen. Her keen eye for detail and consistently high level of excitement made sitting next to her at work an absolute joy. You got to share in every detail from the thickness of the wedding cards to the light box she discovered for her newly acquired calligraphy skills. Not to forget the flowers, DJ, food and shoes. I have to admit I had a blast planning this wedding 😉

Wedding Cake (7)

The Cake Crew: Master of the fruit cakes was Angela’s mum. Quite the pro as she is, her cakes came out beautifully even and she made it all seem effortless even while she baked and transported the monstrous base layer halfway across the country. Fondant Queen Lorena is Treasurer by day, cake decorator extraordinaire by night, and full time Italian Bella. And then there’s me 🙂

Wedding Cake (3)

So back to the cake then. A quick cake meeting and it was decided that this would be a three part mission. Angela’s mum would bake the two fruit layers and bring them down to London the week before, I would bake the sponges closer to the date and pass them on to Lorena at work (yes I walked into work with these cakes and left threatening notes to safeguard them in the fridge all day), and finally Lorena would work her magic and assemble it all at the Claridges (did I forget to mention how fancy this wedding was? :P)

Next up, flavors. Since there were two sponges Angela wanted Lemon for one and Victoria Sponge for the other. A little experimenting later I came up with an elegant Lemon with an Elderflower buttercream – the Elderflower is subtle but works like magic to cut the sharpness of too much lemon and lift the entire flavor. And a triple berry Victoria Sponge with Strawberry, Raspberry and Blueberry layers that make for a pop of colour under that beautiful ivory fondant. The biggest compliment through this entire experience was when Tom (who I’m told doesn’t normally eat cake) ate all of the Lemon and Elderflower taste tester Angela took home 🙂

Then there was the challenge of size. Who ever said size doesn’t matter clearly never tried to bake a wedding cake. Getting the center to cook without burning the sides is an art in itself. Thankfully my colleagues have a supernatural power for cake consumption and made sure none of the many testers went to waste.

And that’s it, the rest is history! All that planning and it was over in one beautiful blink of an eye. Thank you Angela and Tom for letting me share in your magical day, my first wedding cake couldn’t have been more special. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Kipping ! 🙂

Wedding Cake (8)


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