I have to admit I was apprehensive at the thought of cold noodles, but my friend insisted and am I glad she did !

The brain child of 2 Michelin Star Chef David Chang, Momofuku (meaning Lucky Peach) is a vibrant gastronomical heaven. The noodle bar in the East village is buzzing with activity and an absolute treat for the senses. Seated at the bar you get a front row seat to the kitchen and all the magic that goes on. A word of caution, this leads to some serious order envy.

We started with the Shrimp Buns which come with spicy mayo, pickled red onion and iceberg lettuce. The buns are soft, light and fresh and the shrimp patty is slightly crispy on the outside and ridiculously juicy. The spicy mayo is rather subtle, but works well to bring it all together.

Shrimp Buns
Shrimp Buns

This was then followed by the Chilled Spicy Noodles with Sichuan sausage, spinach and cashews. Not one for cold mains, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect with this one, but any expectation I could have had was far exceeded. The combination of the Sichuan sausage and cashew is sheer genius. And the spice is unique in that its bold but not over powering. All of the different flavors and textures come together in the most harmonic way that its difficult to do this dish any justice with words. Almost anticipating how much you’re going to love it, the portions are massive and easily enough for two.


Spicy Chilled Noodles
Spicy Chilled Noodles

Another lucky find through all of this deliciousness was the “Lucky Peach” which is any food lovers insight into the lives of some of the best chefs in the world. It has everything from opinion pieces and interviews to recipes ranging from “Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Mochi Icecream” to “Pimped out Maggi Noodles”. Take a look, you’re bound to be intrigued.

And finally, a happy coincidence to it all was sitting next to London food writer Bruce Palling and being able to share our experiences of food in the Big Apple. Can’t really complain now can you! 🙂


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