The Halal Guys

Simple, honest cooking that leaves you craving it like you wouldn’t believe. I’m not just saying that, I actually insisted on this being my last meal before I left New York.


Halal Carts are a familiar sight in the city, you find them at practically every street corner. But these guys are something else. I’m a huge Edgware road fan back in London but the Halal guys are some serious competition. Their “Chicken over rice” is traditionally cooked meat with flavored rice and some of the best chilli and white sauce (a mixture of mayo, yogurt and herds) I have ever eaten. The chilli sauce is so good that you feel brave enough to add some more only to realize you weren’t prepared for that and end up balancing it out with more of the white sauce. This process is cyclical and tends to go on for a while until you eventually run out of chicken and rice. I’m not complaining it was immensely satisfying!

In conclusion, the only thing I have to say is:

“Dear Halal Guys, please come to London!!” 🙂


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