New Yorkers love their brunch and who can blame them, they’ve perfected the art. I mean a good Benedict and a Mimosa, is there really any better way to start your weekend?

Sarabeth’s was my friends recommendation for a good brunch and as soon as I stepped in I knew I was going to be impressed. This place is an institution on brunching ! Its high ceiling and pastel interiors set the stage for a sophisticated, chic meal. But what I liked most was that there are no airs about it. Its relaxed and the staff go out of their way to make you feel welcome, so much so that my friend had been through 3 cups of coffee before she even noticed them being re-filled. Its the sort of place you want to go when you’re feeling a little fancy but still want to be able to chat with your friends to no end and not have anybody look at you funny 🙂

Eggs Benedict
Eggs Benedict

We went with the classic Eggs Benedict and most certainly enjoyed that. But the real star was the Lemon and Ricotta Pancake. Oh my god! Fluffy, light and lip smackingly lemony I could definitely get used to these on a regular basis. It you are a fan of a good lemon drizzle cake like I am, I guarantee you will be addicted to these!

Lemon Ricotta Pancakes
Lemon Ricotta Pancakes


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